Get Your New Bike & Accessories Tax-Free & Save Up To 47%.

What is a cycle to work scheme?

A cycle to work scheme is a government initiative which offers the most cost effective way to get a new bike and or cycling equipment.
The scheme is run through participating employers and retailers, meaning you do not have to pay tax or national insurance on these products, saving you between 25% and 47%. This reduced cost is then simply deducted out of your payslip over 12 or more months.

Our friends at CycleScheme have put together a very useful video showing how the process works.

Cycle scheme providers.

At Two Wheels we are registered with all the leading cycle to work scheme providers.
The provider you use will depend on which one your employer has registered with. Ask your human resources department or check out the providers websites below to see which one your company is registered with.
The providers below also have useful information about the scheme and cost calculators so you can work out how much a bike will cost you on a monthly basis.

Halfords C2W
Green Commute Initiative
Salary Extras
Cycle Soloutions
C2W Support
Cycle Plus

Ready to choose a bike or need more help?

Feel free to drop by the shop or give us a call during opening hours if you have any questions about the cycle scheme or need help choosing a bike.
Alternatively you can email us here.